Consumer Loans

Whether you’ve had an unexpected expense or decided it’s the perfect time for that dream vacation you’ve been planning, Heartland Bank has a consumer loan option that’s perfect for you. At Heartland, you can expect:

  • Quick Decisions
  • Quick Funding
  • Rate Discounts when signed up for auto payment
  • No pre-payment penalties

Have questions about our different consumer loans? Try our handy financial calculators or visit our Resources page for more information.

Auto Loans

Whether you’re looking to purchase a vehicle or refinance your current vehicle to lower the payments or access the equity, we have a loan that is right for you.

  • Will finance vehicles up to 10 years old
  • New vehicles up to a 72 month term, depending on loan amount
  • Used vehicles up to a 48 month term, depending on loan amount

Boats and Personal Watercraft

There’s nothing like being on the water during those hot summer months! We have a variety of boat and personal watercraft financing options available.

  • Will finance new boats up to 72 months, depending on boat class
  • Will finance used boats up to 60 months, depending on boat class
  • Will finance new personal watercraft up to 60 months
  • Will finance used personal watercraft up to 36 months

Debt Consolidation

Do you ever feel like more money’s going out than coming in? If so, you may need to consider a debt consolidation loan. One of our lenders will be happy to review your financial situation to see how a debt consolidation loan could help you reduce your monthly payments.

Reverse CD Secured Loan

Do you have bad credit or no credit? A Reverse CD Secured loan is the perfect way to help you build or repair your credit. Simply apply for a loan to purchase a bank certificate of deposit (CD). Make the payments on time each month, and at the end of the loan, not only have you built some credit history, but you now have access to the funds in the CD!

CD Secured Loan

Do you have the money to make the large purchase, but would rather not spend it all at one time. Get the advantage of a low interest rate by using the CD as collateral. With a CD secured loan, you also have the flexibility to set the payment schedule and amount to what works best for you!

Home Improvement

Whether your home’s a fixer-upper or you just need to make a few repairs, we’re certain we can help you find a loan that’s perfect for you.

All loans are subject to application and credit approval.

Contact us today so we can help you get started.